Auto DraLab Grown Melee Diamonds: Tiny Diamonds with Big Impactft

Lab grown diamonds are genuine diamonds produced using manufactured methods. These methods are either through Carbon Vapor Deposition (CVD) or High-Pressure, High-Temperature (HPHT) processes. In the CVD process, carbon atoms are deposited in a substrate inside a vacuum chamber under controlled temperatures. The controlled conditions produce crystalline structures that are identical to natural diamonds. In the HPHT process, extremely high temperatures and pressure simulating what happens in nature produce diamonds. Melee lab grown diamonds are grown or produced using the same process as other sizes of lab grown diamonds. Lab-grown diamonds’ chemical, crystalline, and physical properties are almost identical to natural diamonds. Only jewelry experts using specialized instruments can distinguish lab grown diamonds from natural diamonds. Both processes produce colorless diamonds. These are typically grade Type IIA with no measurable traces of nitrogen impurities. Trace amounts of Boron are present in HPHT-grown diamonds, which have phosphorescence in particular lighting conditions. Nevertheless, the colors of lab grown melee diamonds are ideal for jewelry setting to produce the snow effect coveted by customers.