Laser For Dimond Application

Laser Processing of Diamonds

  • Cutting / Sawing
  • Kerfing
  • Clarity Improvement
  • Bruting
  • Milling
  • Drilling
  • Micro Machining – Cutting, Drilling, Milling, etc

Key Laser Parameters

  • Wavelength
  • Power
  • Energy
  • Pulse Width
  • Peak Power
  • Polarization Purity
  • Pulse Repetition Rate
  • Stable Power Tuning Range
  • And More


  • M2 and roundness
  • Astigmatism free
  • Stability (Power & Energy)
Requirement of Peak Power and Intensities
  • Natural diamond:>10GW/cm2
  • Synthetic diamond:>30GW/cm2
  • Stability (Power & Energy)


  • Pure TEM00
  • M2 = 1.1 as shown in beam scan
  • Produces the cleanest and the sharpest focus
  • Smallest kerf width
  • Minimum waste heat generation

  • Round beam profile perfect for cutting or drilling
  • Stable spatial mode through power curve
  • M2 < 1.1 from 3 W to 11 W
  • Guarantee consistent process: minimum weight loss and breakage

  • Superior Beam Pointing Stability
  • Minimum Beam wandering and highest machining efficiency throughput
  • Stable long term output power
  • Ensures consistent day-to-day performance
  • Stable pulse energy: 2% rms
  • Ensures consistent process quality and minimum wastage
  • Most advanced logic controller for laser control, monitor, interface and integration
  • Most reliable and stable power supplies with 0.3% rms stability
  • High power RF drivers with the highest stability for
  • the most consistent pulse-to-pulse energy
  • State-of-the-art RF drivers with extended capabilities for the pulse mapping control – fine tuning of any machining process
  • Long life laser diode: 10,000 hrs or 2 years
    - Quick diode replacement < 3 minutes
  • High stability chiller
    - Consistent output power and mode
  • Continuous product R & D
    – Enhanced performance
    – More options in wavelengths
    – More choices in output modes
  • Laser Applications Center
    – Process Development
    – Application specific configurations
    – Performance enhancing options and accessories

Process – Clarity Enhancement

  • Laser induced micro-cracking for impurity removal

Process – Sawing & Cutting

  • Kerf width dependence on wavelength
  • Comparison: 1064 nm vs 532 nm– 532 reduced line width & hence reduced weight loss

Green Diamond

  • Green Diamond laser is a custom laser designed exclusively for diamond machining
  • The excellent pulse stability and beam quality required for consistent performance makes this laser the only choice for this application
  • Entire Hawk is modular and designed for simple maintenance and ease of use

Green Laser Advantages

  • Green Hawk lasers, the next generation laser source for diamond machining have the smallest spot sizes, better diamond and explosion immunity, and narrower kerf widths & a performance which would rapidly become the new industry standard